• What We Do

    Voices working together with one purpose; bring people to Christ

    Fire Ministry

    Humble beginnings

    We are Christians serving the Lord through music; with the only purpose of bringing people to Christ. Based out of the Brazilian SDA Church in Newark, in January 2017 we started with a small group of volunteers under the guidance of Maestro Eliabe Ventura Ribas.

    The group has grown to 40+ members and has not only performed music in various venues; but has also brought Christ to the people on the street through community service.

    The Conductor

    Maestro Marcos Piazzi

    Born in Juiz de Fora (MG, BZ), admitted to the State Conservatory of Music Aidee Franca Americano (Juiz de Fora).
    Always involved in various events in the musical field, especially in sacred music, acting in small groups, quartets, choirs and others.

    Married to Lais, father to Laila and Melissa, he always count on the family in the challenges that the ministry brings.

    Formal education
    - associate degree by UNASP 2009
    - regency of choir degree by UNASP 2011
    - Master Degree by the Federal University of Bahia 2012